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In this collection, you will find digital records compiled and curated by John Thomas Slater over the course of 20 years of his research into the vast and important history of agriculture, especially grapes, wine, and spirits, in Chautauqua County and beyond. 

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Most recent additions to the collection

  • Label for Pierce Brothers Lake Erie Table Grapes, North East, PA, grown by Edward Shunk
    Label for Pierce Brothers Lake Erie Table Grapes, North East, PA, grown by Edward Shunk. Label is taller than it is wide. Background is a pale blue to green gradient with a thin red border. At top of label is red text, "Lake Erie Table Grapes." Black text below, "Pierce Brother's, Growers and Shippers of Grapes." Image at center of label is a compass rose with a yellow background and green pointer pointing to north-east. Color image on left and right side of compass are tall grape vines with green leaves and three bunches of grapes on each side in red, purple, and white. Red text at bottom lists "Grown by" with stamped name in black "Edward Shunk."
  • Label for Lake Erie Vineyard & Fruit Co., Blue Ribbon Brand
    Label for Lake Erie Vineyard & Fruit Co., Blue Ribbon Brand selected table grapes, North East, PA Label is wider than it is tall with cut corners. Image printed on the front is not perfectly lined up with the die-cut. Background is pale yellow with thin green border and decorative red lines, dots, and curves along the green border. Black outlined red text across the top in capital letters, "Lake Erie Vineyard & Fruit Co." Small text below "Growers & Shippers." Center of label has color image of purple grapes with green leaves, and a blue ribbon on either side with white text "Blue Ribbon Brand." Red text along bottom, "North East, PA., Selected Table Grapes."
  • Label for Keystone Cooperative Grape Association Grapes
    Label for Keystone Cooperative Grape Association, North East PA Concord Grapes. Label is much wider than it is tall, with a black border and a mustard yellow background. Across the top, black-bordered red text reads "Concord Grapes" above the color image of several bunches of grapes with green grape leaves across the middle of the label, left to right are red grapes, purple grapes, green grapes, red grapes, purple grapes, green grapes. At the center of the label is the shape of a large keystone with a thin black border around a thicker light blue border, and a dark blue keystone at the center. In the center of the keystone is white text, "Keystone Cooperative Grape Assn. North East, Penna. Trade Mark Reg U. S. Pat. Off." Across bottom of label is smaller red text in capital letters, "Pennsylvania, New York."
  • Label for Keystone Grape Company Selected Grapes
    Label for Keystone Grape Co Selected Grapes Label is wider than it is tall, with curved left and right edges. Background of image is yellowed white. An intricate image of a blue and pink ribbon across the top has red text, "Keystone Grape Company" with red text below on a smaller ribbon "North East, Penna." Center of label has a black keystone shape with a medium blue border, and white text "Keystone Grape Company, North East, Penna, Patented Reg." Under the keystone is large red text, "Selected Grapes" and black text below, "Packed by George Sceiford, copyrighted by Keystone Grape Company." Behind text but in front of yellowed background are three bunches of grapes with green leaves: far left is a dark purple, center grapes are light green, far right are red purple. Note: The George Sceiford is presumed to be George W. Sceiford of North East, PA, who passed away April 17, 2010 at the age of 74. Born in Erie, PA on November 1, 1935, he graduated from North East High School in 1953 and Allegheny College in 1957, after which he returned to the family farms in North East, which he co-managed with his Father and, later his brother Chester. He served as a delegate to National Grape Cooperative. Along with several fellow grape farmers, he worked with local legislators and then Governor Raymond P. Shafer to pass the PA Limited Winery Act which permitted sales of wine at wineries. He was a founder of Penn Shore Winery.
  • Label for Iroquois Concord Grapes
    Label for Iroquois Concord Grapes Short and wide label has off-white background with color image showing a stereotype of a Native American man with dark hair, red ties in the front of his hair and a feather on his head. On the far right there is a color drawing of a purple bunch of grapes with green leaves on a vine. Black, blue, and red text at center, "Iroquois Concord Grapes, Copyright 1929 by Iroquois Grape Bureau." Top and bottom of label have a thick green line and a thin black line making a matched horizontal zigzag pattern.
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