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In this collection, you will find digital records compiled and curated by John Thomas Slater over the course of 20 years of his research into the vast and important history of agriculture, especially grapes, wine, and spirits, in Chautauqua County and beyond. 

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Most recent additions to the collection

  • Photograph of horse-drawn carriages pulling boxes of grapes lined up at perhaps a depot
    Black and white photograph of horse-drawn carriages pulling boxes of grapes lined up at perhaps a depot, date and location unknown
  • The Fredonia Censor, August 16, 1935, article regarding the new Fredonia Farm King Packing Company
    Transcribed article from the Fredonia Censor on August 16, 1935 about the Farm King Packing Company, a new preserving plant in Fredonia, NY Full text of article below ----------------------------------- Fredonia Censor - August 16, 1935 The Farm King Packing Company, Inc., new Fredonia preserving plant, will be opened for public inspection Saturday afternoon and evening. The new plant, one of the most modern of its kind in the country, will begin operations some time next week. Located on the site of the former macaroni factory at Cushing and Union Streets, the new plant will handle only tomato products. Catsup, Chili Sauce, tomato juice and tomato puree will begin to roll off of the seventh processing company to be established in Fredonia. N. G. Heary is general manager, Robert T. Logan is sales manager, and Alfred Jefferson is plant superintendent of the new enterprise. The building was designed and built entirely by men from the vicinity. Schalenburg and Son of Fredonia were the architects, N. L. Smith Lumber Company of Dunkirk was the general contractor, J. S. Welsh of Dunkirk supervised the steam fitting, boiler installation and plumbing, and George Herrick the electrical service and lighting. Joseph Salenske and Howard Cook installed the remainder of the electrical equipment. Mr. Jefferson supervised construction and installation of special equipment in the building.
  • Photograph of men in an unknown vineyard as women in a horse drawn carriage look on
    Photograph of men in an unknown vineyard as women in a horse-drawn carriage look on
  • Photograph of clipped grapevine with 25 grape bunches
    Black and white photograph of clipped grapevine with 25 grape bunches, labeled as concords.
  • Welch's Grape Clip Art Print
    Welch's Grape Clip Art Print, depicts 3 black and white grapes of bundles hanging from one another in a line. Each bundle is tied with a ribbon and the Welch's logo is displayed over top.
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